Tarot Cards

Are Tarot cards an eye into the future or the byproduct of an old medieval card game? Can fortune tellers channel mystic energies with tarot cards? What is the meaning of the strange pictures like the hangman, who hangs upside down from a tree with his legs crossed?

It's hard to pinpoint the exact origin of Tarot cards but both China and India had a similar deck of cards they used for story telling while on long travels. The cards were shuffled and laid out, and a story was put together from the images that were dealt. Tarot cards may have been a version of the older Chinese and Indian decks, but a closer look at the cards themselves gives clues to a different story, one involving the Knights Templar.

The Tarot deck consists of two separate types of cards, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana basically consists of what you’ll find in a standard deck of playing cards: four suits of 14 cards, Ace through 10, plus the King, Queen, Jack, plus an additional card called the Knight.


The minor Arcana consist of 22 pictorial cards known as Trumps or Greater Secrets. These Trump cards often depict strange characters and even more confusing symbols and allegories.

The first trump cards number 0-9 starting with the fool and end with the hermit. When these cards are laid out in order, it appears that the fool card is facing the right or the other characters, while all the other characters face forward. In masonry, the fool represents the initiate that is about to begin a spiritual journey or a path to enlightenment.

The fool is a fool because he is in the dark for he knows nothing of the ancient secrets. But as he moves through the deck of cards, he meets other characters; the emperor, the pope, and the high priestess that help the fool on his path to enlightenment. There are several noticeable Masonic symbols on many of these cards.

The Magician: The first card the fool encounters is the magician. The magician teaches the fool that the wise are never deceived by human trickery. Notice the grail, pentagon, sword, and wand on the table before the magician.

The Female Pope: Notice the two pillars between which the female pope sits. One has a J and the other a B etched into it. These two pillars can be seen in every Masonic lodge. They are Joachim and Boaz. These are the two pillars King Solomon built in his Temple to God. Joachim means strength, and Boaz means Mercy.

The Emperor: The Emperor sits on his throne with a sun and moon painted on his chest. He sits with his legs crossed in a strange manner. The position of his legs is the ancient alchemical sign for sulfur. The Emperor also wears a Masonic apron.

The Pope: This is not the Christian Pope, this is the Grand Master of the Knights Templar. The Pope card is also called the Hierophant, or the one who reveals ancient things. In the ancient Mystery Schools, the Hierophant is the highest of the learned. He also sits on a throne between two pillars just as the Grand Master of the Masonic Temple sits.

The Chariot: In the older versions of this card it is apparent that the Exalted Ruler riding the chariot is actually rising out of an altar. This signifies the ascension of the three out of four, or the turning of the upward flap of the Master Mason's Apron.

The Hermit: The Hermit holds a lamp that is slightly concealed in his robe. This signifies the secret organizations that have cleverly hidden the light of ancient wisdom from the world. He leans on his staff, which symbolizes knowledge; knowledge which is man's only enduring support.

The Hanged Man: Also has his legs crossed and his hands folded behind his head to form an upside down triangle. This is the second time we see the alchemist's symbol for sulfur, which represents the magnus opus. The trees he hangs from are missing a total of twelve branches, to represent the twelve signs of the zodiac.

The Minor Arcana consists of four suits, originally swords, cubs, wands, and pentacles. We use slightly different variations in the modern deck of cards but we know nothing of the meaning of these suits. The sword is our spade, the cup is our hearts, the wand is our clubs, and the pentacle is our diamonds. These four symbols represent what the Knights Templar found under the Temple of Solomon after they renovated beneath it.

The Dead Sea Scrolls found at Qumran tell us that the Jews hid their treasures beneath the temple of Solomon. Swords, Clubs (spears), Grails (cups), and dishes (pentacles) were all things the Knights Templar found beneath the temple of Solomon and so cleverly injected into their Tarot cards.

A few years after the Templars were destroyed, the church did everything they could to erase the Templar legacy, but how could they stop thousands of people from their favorite past time of playing cards and gambling? The Church renounced the Major Arcana, as they were heretical and obviously the devil's work. Only the fool still remains today as the Joker. They also called for the knight card to be taken from the Minor Arcana as the knight represented the Knights Templar. Today the only face cards are the King, Queen, and Jack. Since the Trump Cards were completely removed, many modern card games call for one of the four suits to be the temporary trump suit.



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