Ancient M.O.N.K.


The Ancient Mystic Order of Noble Knowledge is a quest for truth and enlightenment. We are not a secret society; but a society commissioned to divulge the ancient secrets that have been passed down to us throughout the ages.

There are societies that declare they were formed to better mankind and enlighten their initiates; but one must ask, why all the secrets? Shouldn't the knowledge of the ancients be available to the public to enlighten the world and better the human race?

All throughout the ages, philosophers and mystics banded together to share their teachings and philosophies. These sects were known as the Mysteries. Those whom inquired were initiated into these secret fraternities through strange rites; and once formally a member, the initiates were instructed in the secret teachings that had been preserved through the ages.

Even the Greek philosopher, Plato, was scorned by his fraternal brothers when he publically wrote about the Mysteries. Plato felt the world should have the choice to be enlightened.

The Mystic Order of Noble Knowledge agrees with Plato. For the world to transcend into an age of enlightenment, the knowledge and processes should be readily at hand, lest we continue on our paths to destruction.

We have put together a library of ancient scrolls to enlighten the common man who seeks the truth. Our Order will expose government conspiracies and new world orders by empowering our members with the ultimate weapon; knowledge.

Every Ancient Mystery School has contained degrees for the initiate to work as he learned the knowledge passed on by the ancients. The journey of an Ancient Monk consists of Eight Degrees of enlightenment. (Please be patient while our monks vigorously add new scrolls and degrees.)

Each degree in the Mystic Order of Noble Knowledge is composed of a series of scrolls from a certain era. One will find easy navigation on the left sidebar. Click on the arrow next to the degree to see the scrolls held within said degree. The ancient degrees are as follows:

Druid Adept 
    Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies

Mysteries and Secret Societies of Biblical Antiquity
Mysteries and Secret Societies of Classical Antiquity
Mysteries and Secret Societies of the Dark Ages

Mysteries and Secret Societies of the Revoltionary Era

Master Bishop of the Arcane Secret
 Mysteries and Secret Societies of the Pre/Post War Era

Grand Pontiff and Champion of Virtue
Mysteries and Secret Societies of the Enlightened Age
 Master Druid and Vicar of the Ancient Scrolls
Mysteries and Secret Societies of the New Age
You may begin your path to enlightenment by clicking on the first degree, or Druid Adept, or feel free to browse the articles in any order. There is no right or wrong, just a thirst for knowledge.
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Master Druid and Vicar of the Ancient Scrolls
“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” Oscar Wilde